About Renee

Hello there, my name is Renee. I am a post-grad 22 year old enjoying my "quarter-life crisis". I work part time at a library and fell in love with it. I hope to become a librarian one day. In the meantime I also dream of starting an etsy shop in partnership with my mother. I created this blog to help promote it. The name of my blog (The Pages Were Blank) is derived from one of my favorite songs, "Red & Purple" by the Dodos. You can listen to it right here.

A little more about myself...I love baseball and I practically live in Anaheim, Ca. Thus I am a huge Angels fan. I love reading to the point that it becomes a bad habit. I also love television, music, movies, photography, drawing, graphic design...ect. I love pop culture in general, it's one of my favorite categories in Jeopardy. I'm a geek. I love being a fan of comics, Harry Potter, Sci-fi movies, Star Trek and all that other geeky stuff. Um...what else. I'm naturally a very shy person but I enjoy meeting new people so please feel free to comment or ask questions! :)
Here is my fan listing page.

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