Monday, January 30, 2012

First Official Post!

And...nothing to report. I wasn't going to post at all but I figured that'd be a bad way to start a blog. I was sooo planning on exercising and/or washing my car today BUT my grandfather visited. While I absolutely love the man, it's difficult to get things done when he is around. So I've been on the computer today doing pretty much nothing, waiting to go to work. Well not entirely true. Made some origami hearts. I would take pictures of them BUT my brother stole my camera. *sigh* Don't you love family? I guess I'll work on my book picture frame. A friend is coming over tomorrow so I will definitely get some cleaning done at least.
Found my camera. Here is a "practice" picture frame with my origami heart glued inside.
Remember, I'm not a photographer. It took me forever to find natural light in my house. But I thought it came out alright.

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