Friday, February 24, 2012


I almost lost it there. I kept thinking I needed to finish blogging about my NY trip but it was so time consuming that I just stopped blogging. I almost gave up with this. But I'm determined! So...what have I been up to? Nothing really. My life seems to be get more boring by the minute. And yet, I'm pretty happy right now. So life is good. Boring but good. I worked on a project for my mom.

She wants to take pictures of the little tags she makes so I made her a tiny photo studio. I got the idea here and here too. I kinda went my own way. Obviously it doesn't look as nice as the others, but it serves it's purpose. I'm pretty proud of myself. Okay so I was completely free yesterday but did nothing. I choose today to do things and now I have to go to work. Genius, I am.

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