Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Possibilities

Hello there! Long time no update. I've been pretty busy lately. What with going to the movies, playing softball, bowling (I got a strike last night!), babysitting, oh and school & work, I haven't had much time for my lil' ol' blog. Life is pretty sweet right now. I'm hoping it can only get better. 
Things I'm looking forward to:
  • The Avengers!! Going to the midnight showing like all true geeks must do.
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  • Tomorrow I might go to Disneyland for a bit. I have Saturday off (for the first time in forever) so I'm going to my cousin's cheer competition at Knott's Berry Farm. I'm so lucky to live in Southern Cali.
Possible fun in the future:
  • Angels baseball games. I'm shooting to attend one game a month. Who knows, we may just win a game or two. 

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  • Going to Florida for the Summer. I'm gonna be honest: Not a big fan of Florida. Too humid, mosquitoes...ect. BUT I really want to see a manatee before I die so this might be my only chance. 
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  • Possibly heading to England. My bestie (who I went to NY with) has a wild hair to go to the UK for our next trip. Don't know when or how (since I'm kinda broke at the moment). But once she gets an idea, she doesn't let it go. So here's to more travels and adventures! :)

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