Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Say What.

I think I'm sick. Which is strange for me. Renee doesn't get sick. Ever. Maybe a few the last 22 years! I've attributed my super-human immunity to eating cheerios nearly every morning. I realize that makes little to no sense, but that's my logic. So I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Now I have a headache and a stomachache. Of course, this is probably as bad as it will get. I'm still going to work tonight. And I have to help watch Dwayne tomorrow so hopefully I'll feel better.
Despite my sickly state, I washed my car! :) Maybe that's what made me sick...In other news. Today is the first day of February which means...I get to change my calendar! I made my own not too long ago and I'm really proud of myself.
I apologize for the poor image quality. My room is always very dark. I'm half vampire.
Here's how I did it, it's pretty simple.
I glued some pages from an old book onto a piece of cardboard for the bottom part. I created images from my pictures for each month. Here's a close up of this month:
I printed each month, glued it onto another page from a book (I have a lot of old books laying around). Then I glued photo corners onto a piece of construction paper so I can change the page every month. Then I basically decorated a calendar template from Microsoft word and tack it onto the cardboard so I can change it every month. And voila!
Okay gotta get ready for work now. Hopefully it'll be a slow day.

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