Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outfit Post #1

So a partial purpose of my blog is to motivate me to do different things, whether that be cooking, crafting or dressing nicer. Before a few weeks ago, I never wore dresses--only to special occasions. I bought dresses and I love dresses, I just never wore them. So after discovering this whole "blog world" I realized that this could be a motivator to dress nicer. I have a closet full of dresses just waiting for me. It's been a tough transition from jeans and t-shirts (what I wear everyday to work) and nice blouses (for less-than special occasions) to high heels and a cute dress. I've been making my siblings feel under-dressed all the time but I feel super confident when I look nice.
This was really awkward for me going into my backyard and taking pictures of myself. But I think I just need practice. I also need to invest in a remote shutter thingymabob for my camera. But for my first time I don't think it was so bad. Maybe I can get my sister to help me out next time. As far as where my clothes came from--I'm not sure. I've had this dress forever so I probably got it at Forever 21. The tights maybe at Target and the shoes are my most recent favorite buy from Payless.
Anyway, hopefully I get better at this. Here are some outtakes:

So basically I can only dress nice on my days off of work. Working at a library isn't as glamorous as one thinks, at least not for a Page. So last night I went to see The Naked and the Famous on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was pretty awesome. My heels worked great for seeing over the crowd but my feet were killing me by the end of it. I learned my lesson--maybe. ;)


Lady Whimsy said...

what lesson? I adore those shoes!!

Rennui said...

The lesson would be not to wear heels to a concert where you have to stand for 3+ hours. I think next time I'll try Dr. Scholls. But I just had to wear those shoes! Thanks, I love them too!

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