Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Week--New Beginning (Hopefully)

I really should update more often. I'm adding it to my list of goals which includes 
  • Eating healthier (cooking a meal at least once a week)
  • Exercising (at least one session of Just Dance a week just to start off)
  • Dedicating more time to my blog
  • Dedicating more time to my mother's etsy shop which I hope to start this week
  • Crafting more 
  • Go thrifting. I need some new clothes.
  • Save money for summer vacation
  • Learn Spanish
That last one es muy importante. I got a promotion at work on the assumption that I'm bilingual. Well, they're in for a surprise. I really need to brush up on my espanol. I'm even thinking of hiring a tutor. Ay Chihuahua!

In other news this week has been tiring.
 A lot of babysitting which is awesome and amazing and fun but also very very tiring. It's the terrible twos. 

Friday I helped out at the family yard sale. Which was also tiring since I had to also work right after. 

Yesterday I worked 9-6 which kills me even though I used to work that shift all the time. I realize those are the hours of a normal full time worker. I don't know how I'm gonna handle the "real world". 

Right after work last night I saw The Hunger Games (again). I thought it was more boring this time (maybe 'cause I was so tired) but I was able to notice little things I hadn't before so it was cool.

Today I am babysitting again. I would post pictures of the two-year old monster but I'm not sure his mom would like that. [I figured pictures of his back are okay...] But he is the cutest little guy and I take TONS of photos. I also plan to take some product photos of my mom's crafts. Hopefully I get things done today. Hope everyone has a great Sunday I can't believe East is already next week!. :)
p.s. outfit post coming soon!

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